Fishing In Vermont

Explore Some Of The Best Fishing In Vermont…Right In Our Backyard!

Fishing In Vermont - The Northeast Kingdom Is A Sportsman's Paradise!

Some Of The Best Fishing In Vermont Can Be Found Right Around The Bend From Our Cabin!

If your idea of a vacation is exploring the streams, lakes and ponds that make up Vermont’s diverse fishing grounds, then our cabin, one of a handful of privately owned Vermont fishing cabin rentals, might just be the fit for you! The cabin is located on Center Pond. At 76 acres and 100 feet deep, Center Pond is home to several species of game fish, including Brook and Lake Trout. Its cold and deep water make it an ideal fishery, with some of the best fishing in Vermont. It has an inlet and outlet, and anglers troll, fly cast, and bait cast to take claim to a trophy size fish! The back side, or “north” side of the pond, was once a wildlife refuge, and is now preserved in a Land Trust. As a result, there are only beautiful mountain views to look at, and the views from the cabin and grounds are breathtaking.The pond is fed by a brook, and at its headwaters you will find some amazing habitat for trout. Bring your fly rod, and experience the calm serenity that comes from casting into the cool, deep waters or feel alive again as you breathe in the fresh, mountain air and see the ripples in the water on the dawn of another beautiful summer or fall day.

Fishing opportunities in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom make for some of the best fishing in Vermont, and New England. The Kingdom is defined in part by its rugged terrain, which is dotted with large lakes formed by glaciers long ago, and smaller ponds. The Northeast Kingdom is home to the largest amount of water bodies in Vermont, excepting Lake Champlain. Of course, the real secret of the Kingdom is the sparse population, and the quiet solitude you may find here, unlike in parts of the populous Champlain Valley. Because of man’s small environmental footprint left in the Kingdom, the angler is still able to find spots like ours that seem untouched by time.

If the fisherman in you seeks more variety in your catch, then our Vermont fishing cabin rental is minutes away from several of the best high quality warm and cold water fishing access points, including Lake Memphremagog, which is known as a “two-tier” fishery. Memphremagog is home to not only brown and rainbow trout, but also bass, walleye, chain pickerel and yellow perch. Located in Newport, VT, and neighboring Canada, the lake is within a thirty minute drive from the cabin.

Closer even yet is Island Pond, located in the town of Brighton, VT. A quick ten minute drive from the cabin, Island Pond is another tiered fishery. Smallmouth bass and trout call these water homes, making it a popular choice for its fishing opportunities. Not to be overlooked, however, are its recreational events in the summer, such as their popular concert in the park series in the summer, and their snowmobiling and hunting opportunities in the Fall and Winter months. The great Island Pond area, and the village of  Brunswick, are also home to a gateway of the Silvio O. Conte  National Fish and Wildlife Refuge in the Nulhegan Basin. The refuge land consists of more than 26,600 acres of forested wetlands, peatlands, shrub swamps and river tributaries. It is open to the public for fishing, hiking, wildlife observation, hunting, photography and more. Birdwatching and moose gazing are also popular pastimes in this rugged, unspoiled area.

If you are looking for that elusive trophy fish – the one that you will tell stories of to your grandchildren for years to come, your best bet is spending a day fishing at either of two neighboring lakes, Lake Willoughby or nearby Lake Seymour. Located in the town of Morgan, VT, Lake Seymour is home to landlocked Salmon, and Lake Trout, or “Lakers”, as they are better known by. Some Lakers taken from Lake Seymour have been known to top 20 pounds or more. Now that’s a fish! Lake Seymour is also home to some of the area’s largest Brown Trout. Spend a vacation day with the family here – there is a beautiful public beach at the North End of the lake, and you might just bring home the best memory of a lifetime.

Lake Willoughby is also located minutes away in the small town of Westmore, VT. Willoughby is a glacial lake, and is the second deepest Lake in Vermont, at over 320 feet. Resembling a Norwegian fjord, it is unmistakable in appearance, as it is flanked by Mount Pisgah and Mount Hor. Its deep, cold waters are ideal for monster Lake Trout, and this body of water holds the state record for the largest Lake Trout, weighing in at over a whopping 35 pounds! For the true adventure seeking angler or outdoorsman, Lake Willoughby should not be missed.

With so many bodies of water to choose from, Vermont fishing cabin rentals, and ours in particular, represent a true gem in the sense that they are a quiet retreat, away from it all. Our cabin is minutes away from some of the best fishing in Vermont. Spend a day fishing at one of the larger lakes, and come home at night to your own private waterfront oasis. Newark is also home to Jobs, Bald Hill, and Newark ponds. Each of these gems is just minutes away from the camp, and all of them worth exploring. You are invited to explore our paradise – the camp rental includes a rowboat for your usage while you are here. We encourage our guests to bring their kayaks, or canoes as well. Larger outboard motors and watercraft are prohibited from use on the pond, but may be used on some of the larger Lakes mentioned above. While on the water, you will likely see loons, beavers, otters and the occasional moose! Please remember to use caution around these animals, and do not disturb their environment.

Please remember, whatever body of water you choose to visit, if you were born after January 1, 1974, you must have a boating education card in your possession when operating a motorboat in Vermont, and a vaild state of Vermont Fishing license. PFD’s (personal flotation devices) are also required. Please visit the Vermont Fish & Wildlife’s website to purchase your license, and read the current rules and regulations.